Sunday, September 25, 2011

Practicality of Hudud Law

I find playing up the Hudud law is quite tiring. It's a real wonder if sometimes ideology in the air doesn't meet the practicality of reality. The second equally tiring is the age-old comment of non Muslims don't get it.

It's natural for PAS to champion the Islamic state because that's where their ideology began for their party. However, have they really thought of the reality ? Could Pakatan ever accept it ? To quote one of their members " Over My Dead Body"

If Pakatan will never implement it and PAS never wins the national on its own. Why is it still so hung up about it ?

That brings the next question, what is PAS's role in the coalition ? To preserve and attract the conservative Muslim's votes ?

Sure, explanations on it only concerns the Muslims will never give the comfort level to the rest. It's a fear. A real fear. Sometimes, education on the fear will just re-amplify the fear of what is the next level they would do if they are allowed to do so.

So, does it matter if Non Muslim really understand the Hudud Law ? No, because I doubt the perception will change even after they understands it. So, does it matter to understand ?

Well, yea... it's better for the politicians to understand what we think of it. Let's be practical. There's a reason a segment of population won't accept it now and forever.

Therefore, for whatever reason, Najib's firm answer is just "cool". No matter if somebody say that was a political gimmick or whatever, at least he answered it with plain logic it is not practical. Why is it so hard for others to understand that plain fact ?

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