Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Political Maturity of Malaysians

When I read the following from Malaysiainsider I have come to realise the impact of lodging police reports...

IPOH, Sept 7 — With a Perak DAP assemblyman facing the possibility of being charged in court for his unapproved DVD production, the authorities seem to have found themselves caught in a Catch-22 situation.

Questions now center on whether they would eventually be forced to slap similar charges on Perak Mentri Besar Datuk Dr Zambry Abd Kadir and MCA’s Datuk Dr Mah Hang Soon for allegedly committing a similar crime.

Nga Kor Ming, who was formerly a state executive councillor when PR helmed Perak, told The Malaysian Insider that the state PR Youth would soon lodge a police report against both Zambry and Dr Mah for their production.

The police do act in response and investigate whenever and whoever someone lodges a report.

I think the controllable output provides some level of confidence something will get done. That's the good part.

The part that really got me to think is the uncontrollable input. Obviously no one plans a police report like planning a vacation or a holiday, it's less of a pre-plan but more of a random act due to some sequence of events.

The common factor of this uncontrollable input is people - people provide inputs to what they want to report...

Take aside the typical behavior of the need to go to police station ( theft, robbery, accidents...), there seems to be some trends of people going there to report something else... and it results to some level of effort by the force.... and sometimes leads to controversies...

Lodges reports against someone because they think someone has made seditious remarks... some even lodges report because someone insulted eggs... or distributed materials that are deem insensitive...

The fact we have freedom to report whatever is good but it also reflects the level of maturity of some when doing so if what they think is more of a personal feeling than a real problem to begin with...

Many seem to like the idea that Malaysians have reach some higher level of political maturity post the political tsunami in March 08... but what is the proof to that statement ?

More willing to vote anti establishment ?

More liberal thoughts in the online media ?

I am just wondering if those two are a good proxy to begin with ? I mean, how many percent of the vocal liberal that are outspoken is representative of the Malaysia population ?

On second thoughts, even if the citizens have lower political maturity...the following still can happen...

More willing to vote anti establishment

More liberal thoughts in the online media

....and it has nothing to do with more political maturity

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